Gifts that Pay You Income

Gifts that Pay You Income

You can receive income for life while creating your legacy of support for innovative higher education with University of the Pacific. A charitable remainder trust (CRT) enables you to preserve or improve (or your beneficiary’s) financial security. If you are considering a charitable remainder trust, we recommend that you consult with your financial advisor and a gift planner at University of the Pacific.

Charitable Remainder Trust

You can receive income for life and reduce your taxes while supporting University of the Pacific by transferring cash or assets to fund the trust. Not only does this pay income to you or your beneficiaries for life, but you also receive an income tax credit the year you transfer assets to the trust. The remaining portion of the trust, after all payments have been made, goes to Pacific.


  • Receive income for life for you or your heirs.
  • Receive a charitable income tax credit for the charitable portion of the trust.
  • Create your lasting legacy of support for Pacific students and the greater community.

Charitable Gift Annuities

You can transfer money to a charitable gift annuity and receive income for life.

This plan allows you to give a substantial donation to University of the Pacific while receiving tax-favorable income for life. Charitable gift annuities offer attractive payout rates for those who want to support the University while maintaining an income stream.

Benefits include:

  • Very attractive payout.
  • Payments can be made annually, quarterly or monthly.
  • A portion of the payout will be tax-free.
  • Immediate tax receipt for a portion of your gift.
  • Your gift passes to Pacific outside of the estate process.


We are pleased to report some exciting news about our planned giving program. University of the Pacific has hired a nationally recognized firm, TIAA Kaspick, to manage and administer our planned gift assets (charitable remainder trusts and charitable gift annuities). The firm, an independent operating subsidiary of TIAA, with over $5.8 billion under management, is headquartered in Redwood Shores, CA, with offices in St. Louis and Boston. By making this change, University of the Pacific joins Stanford, USC, Santa Clara, Johns Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic, and many other well-known nonprofit organizations throughout the United States that now work with TIAA Kaspick.


Please contact Jonelle Beck, JD ‘00, Executive Director of Estate and Gift Planning, at or 209-946-2501 if you have any questions.

Then, consult with your tax advisor and lawyer to determine which planned gift strategy is best for you.